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30 Min Fitness in Vancouver

If you can't get your workout done in 30 minutes you are simply not working hard enough, and if you can't make time for a 30 minute workout you are making excuses. Short intense workouts have been shown to be as effective and sometimes even more effective than longer workouts.

That is why we offer a variety of 30 minute classes including Kettlebells, Strength Training, High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.), Flexibility, Fitness Kickboxing, Primal Movements and more. So whether you think you are super busy or you are a total beginner to fitness we have a class for you.


H.I.I.T or High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective and efficient ways to fit your workout into your daily routine, increase cardiac health and lose weight. There are several H.I.I.T. regimens that have been clinically tested. The most noted is the Tabata Regimen, sometimes called the Tabata Method. This regimen calls for 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated for eight rounds. That is less than 4 minutes of work, sounds easy enough right?


The kettlebell (Russian: girya) is a cast iron weight resembling a cannonball with a handle. Sizes may vary from 2 kg to 48 kg+. This unique tool allows us to work with our entire bodies in a dynamic method which develops real world functional strength while increasing cardio health and range of motion.

Primal Movements

Our bodies are designed to be strong, powerful, and flexible. We were built to jump, climb, crawl and so much more, but our sedentary culture holds us back from reaching our physical potential and increases our risk of injury. Learn to move like you have never moved before in this fun and energizing class designed for people of all fitness levels.

Fitness Kickboxing

Punch and kick your way to a stronger, fitter you with this challenging cardio and strength building workout. Sweat it out on the heavy bag and learn real kick-boxing techniques in a safe and supportive environment. No previous experience is needed.
*This is a non-contact class. You will not be asked to participate in sparring.

New Mom Fitness

Join us for a fun and empowering workout designed just for new moms every Friday at 10:30am. We offer a supportive, baby-friendly environment which will have you feeling like the Super Mom you know you are in no time. Get back in shape, learn how to use kettlebells or try doing exercises with your new baby instead of a kettlebell.