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Your choice for self-improvement in Vancouver

Vancouver Mind-Body Centre is a registered Canadian Charity (No. S-58015) dedicated to improving our society through incorporating concepts of harmony, non-violence and confidence development.

We have a mix of full-time and volunteer instructors, all are certified and top in their field.

We offer programs that specifically target youth (and adults) in under-privileged areas. Our programs are accessible free of charge to youth in need.

At Vancouver Mind-Body Centre, you’re not just a member; you are part of a community. We believe we achieve our goals when you achieve your goals. We know that joining a gym can be a difficult choice, this is why we are much more than a gym. As many of our loyal members can already attest, Vancouver Mind-Body Centre will become your home away from home. Our varied classes and hours can accommodate any lifestyle.

We’ve got you covered

You’ll find everything you need to achieve your fitness goals at Vancouver Mind-Body Centre. Our spacious facility is both modern and traditional. We have a large mat-covered area and equipment to facilitate body-weight exercises as well as a full assortment of kettlebells and plate weights. Our experienced and supportive staff is always available to show you how to use equipment, assist you in creating a fitness and diet plan, or help you find a technique that works for you. We believe that working out is more than losing weight, gaining muscle, or getting in shape – working out is a journey to a better mind, body, and spirit. As is the case with any journey, it is much easier when you have someone accompanying you as a guide.

Get in touch with us

Whether you are looking for fitness, strength training, martial art or to lose weight, get in touch with us. We have helped many men and women in and around Vancouver achieve their health and fitness goals, and we would love the opportunity to help you achieve yours!


Natan Cheifetz - Chief InstructorNatan is an RKC and SFG certified Kettlebell instructor. He is the only RKC Level II instructor in British Columbia. In addition, he is a Certified Advanced Sports and Exercise Fitness Nutrition Advisor.

Natan started his training at a very young age as he prepared for his intake into the Israeli Defence force (IDF).

During his university years Natan took up Karate and soon thereafter started training in Aikido and Iaido. Aikido training was started under Y. Kawahara Shihan in the “good old days” of Renfrew dojo in Vancouver. Iaido training was started at Shin Ken Kai when that dojo was still affiliated with the Canadian Kendo Federation and maintained a connection with both Iwata Sensei and Omori Sensei of Japan. Natan was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to personally train with both these Iaido icons.

Over the years Natan has been fortunate to study for extended periods with Ishiyama Sensei of Vancouver and Fran Turner Sensei of Toronto. In addition Natan attended many seminars with several of the most senior of O’Sensei’s Uchideshi. Natan has had also practiced Krav maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Tai Chi. Natan was fortunate to receive instructor training in Yoga from Master instructor Halina Stepkowski. (Find Out More!)

Programs: Aikido | Aikido for Kids & Teens | Flexibility | Kettlebells | Tabata Max | Iaido

Kyle Duske

Kyle is a dedicated fitness professional and educator. He focuses on the development of healthy habits that will last a lifetime, through a variety of physical practices including strength training, body-weight exercise and martial arts. Kyle will help you break through the mental barriers which limit your aptitude for personal growth, while teaching you how to build a body that both looks and feels the way you want it to.

  • Canfitpro certified personal trainer
  • Fitness kickboxing Canada Certified Instructor
  • Third degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, recognized by Karate Canada
Programs: Karate | Fitness Kickboxing | Personal training

Ryan Littlechilds

With over fifteen years’ experience running kids Karate classes along with several years working with kids in various educational and mental health settings, Ryan runs classes that are engaging and educational. Students get strong building up skills needed for self-control and maintaining deep focus.

Programs: Kids Karate | Fitness Kickboxing | Core Strength

Yelena Ryabova

Yelena started her Aikido training in 2003 in Russia. She has trained extensively with Christian Tissier Sensei and travelled in Europe to attend his seminars, as well as seminars of several senior Japanese instructors. In 2013 Yelena achieved a rank of 3rd dan. To complement her Aikido training, Yelena practices Iaido (2nd Dan) and is an avid Yoga practitioner. Yelena is Natan's most senior (and first) kettlebell student. Her precision and strenght are truly inspiring to all.

Programs: Aikido | Aikido for kids | Kettlebells

Majit Smazov

Majit is a dedicated Judo-ka who enjoys to share the Art of Judo with others. Born in Kyrgyzstan, he has been actively involved in Judo since the age of 9. Today Majit is a competitive Judo athlete who competes in the senior, -90kg category. When he is not at VMBC he actively teaches and trains with the Burnaby Judo Club.

Programs: Judo for Kids

Adam Nguyen

Adam is a Vancouver local with over 10 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience. He has competed in international and local tournaments with wins including the IBJJF American Nationals. He is a friendly instructor who recognizes that not everybody has the same body type or training goals and is able to adapt his teaching style accordingly.

Adam is also experienced in Muay Thai, freestyle wrestling and Judo.

Programs: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu