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Judo, often referred to as the Gentle Way. It is an athletic evolution of Japanese Jujutsu, developed by Jigoro Kano in 1882, as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy. In 1964, it became the first Japanese Martial Art to be recognized as an official Olympic sport. Since then, Judo’s popularity has grown to such a degree that it has been reported to be the world's second most popular sport after Soccer. It is, however, much more than just a sport. As a Martial Art, Judo encourages personal development and emphasizes the importance of respect, discipline, and humility.

Kids program: Safety, Fun, Judo

  1. Develop fundamental skills ( running, jumping, throwing, break-falls)
  2. Introduction to athleticism ( agility, balance, coordination, speed)
  3. Develop suppleness ( flexibility)
  4. Development of discipline, self confidence and emotional awareness
  5. Learning the fundamentals of Respect and Responsibility
  6. Lastly, we teach proper technique for the purpose of self defence. We never impose on our student to use these techniques as a way to create violence.

About Instructor

Majit is a dedicated Judo-ka who enjoys to share the Art of Judo with others. Born in Kyrgyzstan, he has been actively involved in Judo since the age of 9. Today Majit is a competitive Judo athlete who competes in the senior, -90kg category. When he is not at VMBC he actively teaches and trains with the Burnaby Judo Club.


September – June Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Judo for Kids & Teens 5pm - 6pm   5pm - 6pm   5pm - 6pm

Program fees


JAN-APR 2018

$ 280

2 classes/week

(plus Judo BC dues - paid separately

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JAN-APR 2018

$ 299

Unlimited classes per week

(plus Judo BC dues - paid separately

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