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Introduction to Tai Chi

Tai Chi belongs to "inner school" of martial arts. Everything in Tai Chi revolves around the concept of "inner power".

It is a transformation of how you use the body and the body itself. It is all about the generation and operation of power. Gain POWER, not just muscles.

Tai Chi is NOT a slow moving dance, it is a Martial Art engineered for maximum power. Learn how to generate power from the core and let it flow. Tai Chi blends relaxation, extension, flexing, and breathing into perfection.

Learn how to align and structure your body. Spine, hips, shoulders, and all joints will come into alignment. Train good posture and feel the benefits to your health.

Tai Chi is the art of power: How to create and execute power, How to seize and control the opponent's power.

Bring power, vigor, and health into your life.


Saturday, May 13
5:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Workship Tuition

VMBC members: $15

Non-members: $20

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