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Online Fitness and Martial Arts

With the heavy hearts, we had to make a decision that on March 22nd we had our last in person classes until further notice. It's extremely hard for us to close the doors to the studio but the situation is unprecedented and we need to take our responsibility to the larger community into account.

The exciting news is that we are replacing a large number of our studio classes with online classes. If you haven't tried one yet, the time is now! Come on and get on the interwebs with us. Hopefully this is something many of you will be able to enjoy from home.

Let's try to stay fit and healthy together!

Here's the list of currently scheduled online classes:

Strength & Agility

This class focuses on strength development, through intensity and power driven exercises. We will challenge your cardio, proprioception, explosiveness, and flexibility.

Core Strength

An intensive 30 minute core routine designed to increase athletic ability

Fitness Kickboxing

Punch and kick your way to a stronger, fitter you with this challenging cardio and strength building workout. Sweat it out on the heavy bag and learn real kick-boxing techniques in a safe and supportive environment. No previous experience is needed.

Fit-to-Fight Kickboxing/Karate

In this progressive 1 hour class we will lay the foundation of strength, power, and flexibility needed for all Fighting Arts. You will learn truly functional exercises which will translate directly into both life and the ring. Suitable for both kids and adults.


Classes are loosely based on Hatha yoga. However, we go way beyond simple poses by using advanced techniques such as PNF and Active Isolated Stretching techniques in order to substantially and rapidly increase range of motion.

Conditioning and Recovery

Get your heart rate up in this high intensity kickboxing inspired workout. We will use three rounds of interval training followed by 15 min of much needed recovery work.

Karate for adults and kids

Get fit, have fun, and learn self-defence through the dynamic practice of Karate.