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South-East Asian Martial Arts in Vancouver

Based on South-East Asian martial arts, namely Kali and Modern Cimande Silat, the class focuses on counter offensive movements to deter attacks on your person and those we care about.

The focus is always to remove yourself from a potentially violent situation with awareness and avoidance. If there is no other option but to fight, what we learn is the simplest most effective techniques.

This is reality based fighting where your aggressor has no rules. It is not a movie or a sport on screen. You must meet fire with fire.

We train emptyhand (Panentukan), knife (Daga), sticks (Arnis) and improvised tools to gain an advantage over our opponent(s). But please remember, our greatest weapon is our mind.

We train safely and respect those we train with. There are no egos here. We are all brothers and sisters helping one another be the best we can be!