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Strength & Agility for Kids and Teens

This program is designed to re-engage kids in martial art and physical activity.

We have safety as a primary concern and consequently don’t have a way to offer actual Judo or Aikido training. Both these martial arts involve a lot of close personal contact that simply is not conducive to social distancing.

Strength & Agility program is focused on the skills relating to Judo and Aikido. That means we will cover the spectrum of Mental training (meditation and focus) through physical training (strength and agility) to skill training (kata and breakfalls).

There will be no physical contact, and participant will stay within 2 meters from each other throughout the class. Number of in-studio spots is limited.

  1. Check current schedule here
  2. Schedule is subject to change
  3. Minimum age: 5 years old (subject to instructor's discretion)
  4. Classes might be cancelled if less then 4 kids are in attendance

Program fees


$ 85 mo

2 classes/week

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$ 65 mo

2 classes/week

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