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Tabata MAX in Vancouver

Program summary

This is what our students said about the previous Tabata and VO2max program:

  • That was tough… and fun
  • I enrolled in Tabata for two days per week in addition to a half hour Kettlebell class once a week... my overall strength, energy and mood has seen real positive changes. Now when I get on my bike I am noticeably stronger and faster with greater endurance.
  • I really like the classes as the instructor is very caring, and the atmosphere is friendly. I can notice the changes in my body composition.

Do you want to get your cardio workout done in the shortest possible time and with the most effective exercises? You can expect that from our Tabata MAX program

We focus on alternating intervals of kettlebell snatches (or swings) with bodyweight exercises. High intensity exercise with short rest intervals; the most effective way to get cardio improvement! No pounding the pavement for hours, no damaging of ankles or knees. Safe yet demanding exercises GUARANTEED to make your heart pump just as hard as it can.

The benefits include cardio-vascular improvements, elevated metabolism, increased mental clarity and acuity and FUN!

Tabata Max Trial Class

Jan 27, Jan 29

What is this new fitness craze called Tabata all about? Why not find out? Join us for a free week, no obligation, introduction to Tabata style high intensity interval training. Come for any of the two classes or try them both! Fun and sweat guaranteed.


Feb 3 – Apr 8

Mon/Wed, 7:00am-7:30am

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$ 175

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