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Aikido for Kids and Teens in Vancouver

Aikido for Kids & Teens

In teaching kids Aikido our focus is on developing focused movements through drills and partner practice. We do not believe children need more violence in their life – it is all around them.

We teach children how to deal with aggression, how to control their mind while strengthening their body. We motivate kids to do their best through example in a safe and supportive environment.

Joint manipulation techniques are not taught in the children’s program until the advanced levels.


Natan Cheifetz, 4th dan Aikido Aikikai

Yelena Ryabova, 3rd dan Aikido Aikikai

  1. Check current schedule here
  2. Schedule is subject to change
  3. Minimum age: 5 years old (subject to instructor's discretion)
  4. Classes will be cancelled if less then 4 kids are in attendance

Program fees

12 months

$ 75 mo

2 classes/week

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4 months

$ 85 mo

2 classes/week

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