We are part of the Aikikai organization through our affiliation with the Canadian Aikido Federation. We try not to subscribe to a specific ‘style’ as each person has their own unique body style. Instead, we focus on correct form and body mechanics. Through the many inspiring teachers that have come before us we try to embody the Aikido concepts created by O’Sensei.

Our main focus in the adult Aikido program is to develop the skills to perform Aikido techniques and take Ukemi (controlled falling) for many years to come. There are no competitions in Aikido; the only challenge is improving oneself through overcoming our own hang-ups and limitations.

We spend a lot of time on improving our flexibility and core strength so we can learn to be relaxed and flowing in our Aikido. We leave our ego at the door and open our mind to learning in every possible moment.

We strongly believe in the connection between body movement and weapons use. The bokken (wooden sword), Jo (4’ staff), and tanto (wooden knife) are used regularly in our dedicated weapons classes.