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Karate in Vancouver

Karate is a fighting art which was born in Okinawa, raised in Japan and is loved world wide. Karate Do [空手道] translates as Kara [空]: empty, Te [手]: hand, and Do [道]: way, or the way of the empty hand. Some prefer more exotic translations such as Vast or Sky Hand, however we prescribe to a more literal translation and consider Karate a system for empty handed combat.

We practice both Shotokan Karate Do [松波館空手道] and Fighting Karate [ファイティングカラて]. In our Shotokan classes we focus on the practice of Kata [型]: forms. Through the use of Bunkai we explore how our Kata can be used as a practical tool for civilian self defense.

Fighting Karate focuses more on the sport aspects of Karate and prepares students for the four rings of Kumite [sparring]: long range JKA or WKF style striking, close range Kyokushin and modified Sabaki style striking, stand up grappling as is practiced by wrestlers and Judo-ka and Newaza [寝技] or ground fighting, the proffered arena of BJJ practitioners and Catch wrestlers.