Natan Cheifetz – Chief Instructor

Natan is an RKC and SFG certified Kettlebell instructor. He is the only RKC Level II instructor in British Columbia. In addition, he is a Certified Advanced Sports and Exercise Fitness Nutrition Advisor.

Natan started his training at a very young age as he prepared for his intake into the Israeli Defence force (IDF).

During his university years Natan took up Karate and soon thereafter started training in Aikido and Iaido. Aikido training was started under Y. Kawahara Shihan in the “good old days” of Renfrew dojo in Vancouver. Iaido training was started at Shin Ken Kai when that dojo was still affiliated with the Canadian Kendo Federation and maintained a connection with both Iwata Sensei and Omori Sensei of Japan. Natan was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to personally train with both these Iaido icons.

Over the years Natan has been fortunate to study for extended periods with Ishiyama Sensei of Vancouver and Fran Turner Sensei of Toronto. In addition Natan attended many seminars with several of the most senior of O’Sensei’s Uchideshi. Natan has had also practiced Krav maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Tai Chi. Natan was fortunate to receive instructor training in Yoga from Master instructor Halina Stepkowski. (Find Out More!)