Tim’s kettlebell journey started in 2014 when a repetitive stress injury stopped him from playing one of his favourite sports. He lived in an apartment and one day he saw a very fit looking person practicing with what looked like a big metal ball. This person, turns out they were a lightweight wrestling coach, introduced Tim to “the best workout there is”: a kettlebell. By chance, only a few weeks later Tim bicycled by a window with a big stack of kettlebells and he knew this was cosmic! He had to try it out. Tim attended a class and he was hooked.

Over the years Tim developed his skills in this excellent strength training system and at the same time he began to introduce some of his other streams of study: Integral Theory (Tim is a Master Certified Integral Coach), personal development, and martial arts. Though Tim has dabbled in several other arts he have been a longtime student of Tai Chi.

About 2 years ago Tim started leading classes at Vancouver Mind-Body Centre and he loves teaching and facilitating groups. Tim always aims to bring in a “whole being” approach to his classes. We call it a Practice for a reason – it’s not just about your physical strength (but don’t worry, you’ll be getting plenty of that): it’s also about deep body awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal awakening. Don’t believe you can pack all of that into a little/big black metal ball? Come try a class. You’ll see. You’ll love it. And we’ll love having you there.