Karate is a fighting art which was born in Okinawa, raised in Japan and is loved world wide. Karate Do [空手道] translates as Kara [空]: empty, Te [手]: hand, and Do [道]: way, or the way of the empty hand. Some prefer more exotic translations such as Vast or Sky Hand, however we prescribe to a more literal translation and consider Karate a system for empty handed combat.

We practice both Shotokan Karate Do [松波館空手道] and Fighting Karate [ファイティングカラて]. In our Shotokan classes we focus on the practice of Kata [型]: forms. Through the use of Bunkai we explore how our Kata can be used as a practical tool for civilian self defense.

Fighting Karate focuses more on the sport aspects of Karate and prepares students for the four rings of Kumite [sparring]: long range JKA or WKF style striking, close range Kyokushin and modified Sabaki style striking, stand up grappling as is practiced by wrestlers and Judo-ka and Newaza [寝技] or ground fighting, the proffered arena of BJJ practitioners and Catch wrestlers.

Our Karate classes are mixed aged classes, so kids, adults, and families can all train together. Children will learn discipline, focus, and respects in this fun and energetic karate class. This class takes a unique approach that blends psychological science and philosophy with traditional Japanese wisdom. The physical training will prepare students for success in sports while the mental training will prepare them for success in all areas of life.

For kids that sign up with a family member we offer 25% discount.

Karte: Fundamentals – class is suitable for both kids (ages 8+) and adults (white belt 9th Kyu+)

Karate: Advanced – class is sutable for participants with Yellow belt 6th Kyu or a higher level.