Exercise doesn’t solve everything, but it sure does a lot

We all know that exercise helps us have a nice physique and keep our weight down. We also know that exercise helps us stay strong and functional and able to do many things that we like to do.
But truly, there are so many more subtle benefits to exercise that are simply mind-boggling.
Here is a partial list of some of the benefits that have been shown to be DIRECTLY related to exercise:

  • Your mitochondria – the power plant inside your cells gets better at burning fat if you exercise
  • Your brain – The cognitive function of exercisers has been shown to be better than that of sedentary people
  • Your mood – Exercise creates endorphins in your brain that make you feel good
  • Your longevity – Your life expectancy actually increases if you exercise
  • Your quality of life – People who are stronger and more mobile can do more
  • Your risk of type 2 diabetes – Exercise increases your insulin sensitivity thus reducing diabetes risk
  • Your heart health – Exercise increases the blood amino acids that are associated with cardio-vascular health

The wonderful thing about exercise is that it will benefit anyone at any age and at any fitness level. So adding some exercise to your life is going to benefit you! Even if you are not fit, even if you are not young, some form of exercise is better than none.