February is Canadian Mental Health awareness month. Though the statistics in Canada suggest that 20% of the population struggles with mental health issues, there are very few of us that have not been personally affected. If not our own issues so someone close to us.  As you may know, we decided to join the Canadian Mental Health Association’s fundraising challenge of doing 2000 pushups in 23 days! Why 2000? 20% – looks like 2000. Why 23 days? We have no idea. It really does not matter. The cause is great, and exercise improves our mood, so it is a win-win.  There are many variations that can be done if you can’t do strict push-ups. Some options are:
  • Elevated: Place your hands on a surface higher than your feet.
  • Wall push-ups: Lean towards the wall, place hands on wall… the closer you are to vertical, the easier the push-ups.
  • Of course there is the knee push-up as well: Simply shorten the distance between your hands and the support.
  • And finally, any combination of the above is fine.
Moreover, you can do squats if you can’t do push-ups! Please sign up and consider a donation on our group page.